Ice Nine is a web company that designs high-converting websites and inbound marketing systems.

We think everyone should love having a website.

Where do we work? Well, from anywhere.

One of our foundational beliefs is that people should enjoy where they work. Since no two people are the same, that workspace will look different for everyone. Every member of the Ice Nine team works remote, which means that we're a collection of some of the best talent across all of North America -- all the way from ice-cold Nova Scotia to tropical and sunny Florida.


About the founder:
Collin Belt

When I was fourteen, my parents involved me in the family business. Ever since, I've had a passion for entrepreneurship and helping businesses succeed.

I witnessed first-hand how hard my parents worked every day to find new customers and turn a profit. Throughout university, I always found myself working at the intersection of business and design, and I discovered how design could solve many of the struggles business owners face. When I graduated, I knew that I needed to found my own company so that I could share what I had learned.

Ice Nine was founded as a company that leverages the power of design to develop solutions for our clients that improve their everyday lives. We're passionate about beautiful design, but purposeful design that solves real-world problems will always be our top priority.