Top 10 Most Common Proposify Questions

If you've got a Proposify question, odds are we've got the answer.

#1: Can I upload my own fonts in Proposify? 

Proposify supports more than 800 fonts included in the Google Fonts library, so there's a good chance that your font is available! You can browse the library at this link.

Unfortunately, if your font isn't in Google's library you'll need to find an alternate font. Due to legal licensing issues and some technical barriers it's not possible to upload the fonts on your computer to Proposify.

#2: How do I upload my existing proposal into Proposify?

Proposify doesn't have a feature to convert your content automatically, but it is very possible to recreate your proposal design using a combination of your existing proposal and Proposify's toolkit. For step-by-step directions on how to convert just about every type of proposal, check out the Switch to Proposify Guide at this link.

#3: How do I save a proposal as a template?

To save a proposal as a template to reuse later, go to the Editor screen for the proposal. In the top left of the screen you'll see a "Save" button and a white arrow just to the right -- click the arrow and choose "Save as template."

#4: How do I add columns to tables?

You can add or remove columns only in content tables. When you hover over a column (or a row), there will be a plus button that pops up -- click it to add a column.
Note that you can't add columns to fee tables. Those tables are standardized so that they can be compatible with invoicing and CRM integrations.

#5: How do I print my proposal? / How do my clients print my proposal?

For best results, you should download the PDF of your proposal and print that. You can do this from either the "Snapshot" view or the "Client Preview"
In Snapshot View, hit the "..." button in the top right of the screen, and choose "Download PDF.”

To download your Proposal from the Client View, just hit the PDF button in the bottom-right of the screen, right next to the accept button.

#6: If a proposal is sent and I want to make edits, will clients see the changes live or do I need to resend?

Any time that a client goes to view a proposal (even after it's been sent), they'll see the most recent saved version. This happens every time they reload the page.
It's worth noting that once there is a signature on the Proposal (yours or the clients') the document is "locked" from being modified. If you do modify it after it's been signed, all signatures are removed from the document.

#7: I’ve hit my proposal limit! How do I get more?

Easy! Just archive (or delete, if you'll never need 'em again) the proposals so they don't count towards your limit. It's only proposals that are "active" that count.

#8: Can I export my data?

You can export a proposal as a PDF, but otherwise your data stays in Proposify.

#9: Is there a way to remove the "Total" fees shown at the bottom of the proposal?

You bet! If you want to do it on a global scale go to your settings and choose "client previews." From there, untick the "show totals in the footer" checkbox.

To do it on a proposal-by-proposal basis, all you need to do is right click on your pricing tables in Proposify and click "settings." From there, untick the "include in totals" checkbox.

#10: Can clients view my archived proposals?

Once a proposal is archived, your clients will no longer be able to view it (but you and your team can look at it any time you like).

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